This is the "I AM" Challenge. Let's spread positive messages, let's combat all that negativity going around and share all the good things about us.

Who are you? What positive things can you say about yourself?

If you don't want to or can't make your own video, comment your words and let us know who you are.

I challenge you to make your own video and post it #IAMChallenge 

Watch my video here or below. In the video I list bi-polar and I did that because I don't want it to be a negative, it's who I am. It's a part of me and that is not a bad thing. I also list that I am a survivor, you don't need to list what you survived but I am a survivor of domestic abuse, being molested, rape, homelessness, chronic illness, chronic pain, loss of parents, loss of friends, suicide attempts, mental illness, and much more. I am sharing these things so they will no longer have control over me. I encourage you to share your story. Please visit my Survivors website so we can all come together and share our stories and to help others with their stories.

Be sure to share this video and challenge your friends to do the same.





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