This is where most of my inspiration comes from. My Mother, Carrie. I named my business after a business she used to own, the survivor and cancer designs are in her honor. I found this in an e-mail one day and thought I would share it. Just to make it clear, I am not selling Melaleuca (although if you want to give it a try, contact me) this is just what helped her and this is HER story. My Mother was a kind, loving, and generous person to everyone. She was an Empath as am I, my daughter and my granddaughter. She was an artist and taught painting to everyone including kids in juvenile hall. I am lucky to still have some of her paintings along with paintings done by myself and my own children, hanging in my house and will be shared on this site. You can find her collection here.

She was kind and loving even though her life was very hard. Both her parents were alcoholics and abused her and her brother. She was left in the woods once for 3 days. Back then, they didn’t have foster care like they do today so she spent a lot of her time in juvenile hall, even though she had committed no crimes. They just didn’t have any other place for children like her.

She went on to marry my father who was a Major in the Army and did two tours in Vietnam. Run a million dollar wholesale company to finally retire and teach painting.

I will try my best to add a little story as to why I made each design, as each design does mean something to me, in some way. I know my designs seem to be all over the place but I find a lot of passion in many things. Each design has a story behind it and as this world changes so do my passions. Each one us are passionate about many different things, and that is what you'll find on this site; My Passions. Hopefully some of my passions are something you are passionate about as well.

I strive everyday to do "good" just as my mother did, I try my best to be kind and do the right thing. I want to make her proud of me, more now than ever before.

Onto, a brief look at my Mother’s story:

My name is Carrie Theroux, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 1998. I had read a lot about breast cancer for many years before, as I had fibrous tumors for 15 years before this diagnosis. I chose to have a lumpectomy, as the results seemed to be the same as a mastectomy. The Dr. said that my tumor was too big, so I had chemotherapy first to reduce the size of the tumor and then, I had surgery and radiation. My chances of cancer returning were at 80%.

Almost five years later, I had a lot of pain in my right leg. I finally went to my Dr. My Oncologist ordered some tests for me, but one of the most important one got lost. I called my Dr. on December 3rd and said I can’t get up and he had me come into see him and made arrangements to hospitalize me.

The cancer had destroyed half of my right femur. I had surgery and a rod inserted in my leg, followed by radiation.

In May 2004 I was told that I needed to take chemotherapy again. In principal I am against chemotherapy as it destroys so many cells in its effort to make you well. I was told I would never get well, but chemo would buy me extra time and without it I would die within 90 days. I started for a few months but decided not to do it. I started taking Herceptin. Herceptin is a drug that attacks HR2 cells that have over-expressed themselves. I took that for 16 months.

In the meantime, I tried everything that came my way to cure the cancer. I ate 5-9 fruits and vegetables a day and many natural products that claimed it cured cancer in some people along with Esciac Tea.

In January of 2006 my Dr. said I was getting worse and should take chemo again. I started in February. I continued my search for a cure on my own.

I was on many prayer lists. I truly believe that God was blessing me and felt uplifted most of the time. For the times I didn’t feel uplifted I took a mild anti-depressant.

On April 17th, my daughter introduced me to Melaleuca. When I saw the products and the compensation plan, I thought I would like to do this. I thought that I would build a business and give it to my granddaughter when I pass on.

At the time I really didn’t even think about the products curing me, other than they are all natural and safe for your body, home and the planet. I was already on a natural vitamin and felt I was doing as well as I could considering I was on my third round of chemo. I was in bed every day, except to get up and sit in my recliner for 2 hours a day or go to my treatments.

I received my order on April 20th and started taking the vitamins. Within a week I was up all day, and going out to present Melaleuca to my friends!

By this time, I had broken out in a rash and had Peripheral Neuropathy in my hands and feet and my blood sugar was pre-diabetic. (Due to the Chemo, this is when I stopped Chemo) Within 2 weeks my blood sugar went down to a safe level, my rash disappeared and the pain in my hands and feet is more manageable. In mid June my tests showed that I had lowered my cholesterol by 20 points and my white blood count was 7.3 the highest it has been since 2003!

I feel wonderful.!! I was taking 5 medications in early April and I am down to only one, my painkiller. If any of you have cancer in the bones you know that I need to take my pain medication. I am not cured. I still have cancer, I stopped taking chemo in May 2006. This was my own decision. Last month my Dr said that if I keep up as I am doing now and keep my positive attitude, I could look at years instead of months before the end.

Now, my goal is no longer just to build my business and will it to my granddaughter, but to help as many people I can, to achieve their goals in life. I almost feel driven to share this good news with everyone. There is hope!

I praise God every day for keeping me in his hands and bringing me to this wonderful place in my life, and the peace that he has given me. I also thank Melaleuca for the natural products that have benefited me in my quest for good health, and for all of the great friends I have met along the way. 

Update 03/14/07 I recently went to the Dr. and told him that I believed that God was healing me. I stopped taking all the medications I was on including Methadone, which helped with the bone pain. My blood tests showed that I was normal, plus I am in great health. The last x-rays showed no change from September 2006, which is good, as I was always getting worse. The Dr. agreed to take me off Herceptin for 3 months and do x-rays again. If I did not get worse, he would say that I am cured of my incurable disease. Praise God. 


Carrie Theroux 

Update: Although Carrie did eventually pass from her Cancer (11/17/2008), she was always positive and had a great will to live, stronger than anyone I have ever known. Except for the last month or so, she was up and active. She never lost faith in God, not even for a moment, her faith was strong.

I was very blessed to be in the room holding her hand at her time of passing; 10:20 am. The greatest thing I’ve ever been allowed to do was taking care of her, the last 6 months of her life. It was a pleasure and I am very blessed that I was allowed such a wonderful opportunity.

Please join our Facebook Group for All Survivors and be sure to check out our website, this is a site that my Mom and I started many years ago, she always wanted to help people.


Me and my Mom in Hawaii when I was 10

Carrie Theroux & Michelle Lincomfelt

Me and my Mom  ~ 11/1/2008