The majority of our items are designed, produced, and shipped from the

United States:

  • Most items will take 4 - 7 business days to produce, then add shipping times from the United States. 

  • So please allow up to 7 - 21 business days for your items to arrive once shipped.***

For Items in the Economy Collection. Shipping times: This collection is not sent from the U.S. so please allow extra time to receive your items if you are ordering from this collection.***(See Covid 19 Update)

  • Most items will take 5 -12 business days to produce, then add shipping times.
  • So please allow up to 4 - 6 business weeks for your items to arrive.
  • We have been averaging about 14 days, but that is not guaranteed.***(About 45-75 days during Covid)
  • Items will be marked in the description box if the item is part of the Economy Collection. 
  • Due to Covid 19, there is a minimum hold of 30 days once you get an e-mail with the tracking number. The carrier is holding the packages before being released, so please allow extra time. Once the item has been released the items do seem to move quickly.

***COVID-19 update 6/15/2020 We are still open and things are being shipped out. Your packages ARE SAFE. If you wish you can spray the box down while it's on your porch. We as a small business appreciate your support during this difficult time. Please keep in mind that things are changing daily, suppliers might shut down with no notice, but be assured that should you place an order and your item won't be shipped a refund will be issued should you not want to wait for them to re-open. Please allow extra days for shipping times as all packages are taking longer. This could mean an extra 45 days or more. The post office is running behind but things are moving.

Some items have been removed from the store but this is only due to COVID 19 and those items will return as soon as things get back to "normal". Due to factory capacity restrictions during the New Jersey lock-down, our team has had to make some tough choices.

We have added shipping insurance to our page: You must select this at checkout, by not doing so you take full responsibility for the USPS's ability to deliver you your package. We always want to offer you the best items at the best price. We had to add this feature to our packages because the Post Office has been very unreliable. We design and ship your product in a timely manner but there have been times in which the post office was unable to deliver those packages so we added insurance in case this happens in the future. In effort to offer you the best prices, I have lowered the shipping rates to help offset the cost of the insurance, I only want the best for you and your items.

You are responsible for putting in the correct shipping address any changes made after the order has been placed risk delays.

New Lower Shipping Prices:

Less than 18.99 Shipping is only $4.99

$19 - 39.99 Shipping is only $3.99

$40 - $69.99 Shipping is only $2.99

$70 - $99.99 Shipping is only $1.99

All orders $100 or more are FREE Shipping 

$14.99 or more for international.

  • Special discounted shipping when ordering qualified stickers only. - 99 cents (not all qualify)
  • FREE Plus Shipping Items - $6.99 - $10.00 for each item - please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.

December 1st is the cut off day for Christmas (Nov 1st for Economy Collection) so please order early to ensure delivery on time. As we know the USPS slows down during this busy season as they have so many gifts to deliver, so again, please order early. (If Covid is still an issue you really should order in Sept or Oct, just in case)

Other Holidays (Please order early, especially if ordering from the economy collection)

Jan - New Years - Order before Dec 15th

Feb 14th - Valentine's Day - Order before Jan 21st

Feb 17th  - Random Act of Kindness Day - Order before Jan 28th

Feb 20th - National Love Your Pet Day - Order before Feb 1

March 17th - St. Patrick's Day - Order before Feb 27th

April - Easter - Since the day varies please order at least 21 days in advance.

April 11th - National Pet Day - Order before March 19th

April 15th - National ASL Day - Order before March 27th

May - Mother' Day - please order at least 21 days in advance

May - Memorial Day - please order at least 21 days in advance

June - Pride Month - Order in Early May or sooner

June - Father's Day - please order at least 21 days in advance

July 4th - Independence Day - please order before June 11th.

July 31st -  National Mutt Day - please order before July 7th

Aug 8th - National Cat Day - please order before July 17th

Aug 26th - National Dog Day - please order before Aug 4th

Sept - Labor Day - please order at least 21 days in advance

October 31st - Halloween - please order before Oct 8th

Nov 11th - Veteran's Day - please order before Oct 20th

Nov - Thanksgiving - please order at least 21 days in advance

Dec 25th - Christmas - please order at least 24 days in advance

This list is a guideline, and orders can not be guaranteed to show up on a certain day so please plan ahead and order early.  Please add at least 14 business days to this list if ordering from the Economy Collection. Thank You. I am confidant you will love your items, so the wait is worth it.

Please note that we are not responsible for packages that have been marked delivered if you did not purchase the insurance at checkout. If a package has been marked delivered and you have not received it, you should take a few steps to try and find it. Make sure no one else in the home brought it in and forgot to tell you. Please look around to see if the carrier "hid" it for it's safety. Call your local post office and ask them where they delivered the package and if they say your address ask the carrier if they remember where they left it exactly. If your area is known for package theft we suggest you take some precautionary measures. Consider a lock box your carrier can get into. Most post offices can flag your address and they won't leave packages on your door step if you're not home, you just have to ask them to do this. The tracking information we provide (if any) is a convenience to our customers and should not be relied upon as to when the package will arrive. We are not reliable for wrong tracking information or misinformation provided by the carrier.